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    Ladies & gentleman, boys & girls, step right up & gather round to see a show you won’t soon forget! Presenting a world of wonders where everything is unique and extremely adorable! This circus of bumbling fuzzy creatures will charm your heart. This show is performed with muppet style hand and rod puppets and it's dialogue is performed live with prerecorded music. They're freaky!  They're fuzzy!  They're alive!  Welcome to a world of high flying felines that are fun and family friendly!


   A little old fashioned traveling carnival of kitties, having a good time with fuzzy friends. The Siamese twins are presented as two Siamese cats that fight over colorful balancing balls while the wee woman is a lion tamer who does slapstick with the silly Lion. This show has been performed at the Orlando Fringe Festival, the Kids Fringe Festival the Atlantic Center for the Arts, The Orlando Puppet Festival, the Orlando Pottery Studio and at Pinocchio’s Marionette Theater.

Intended for all ages

Approximately 30 minutes long


The Flying Kitty Carnivale

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