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A Tale of Two Roberts



   This is a theatrical retelling of the real paranormal tale of a young man and his haunted doll in the early 1900s. The story is based on a mix of factual events and folk lore surrounding the doll that supposedly came to life and haunted the late Florida artist, Robert Eugene Auto.


   This spooky show is intended for a more mature audience. A campy comedy with puppets and live actors. The show's dialogue and music were prerecorded. A Puppet Slam piece performed several times at the Orlando Fringe Theater Festival. The puppet version of Robert the doll was later put on display at Avalon Gallery in a group art show called No Strings Attached. Features performances by two other Orlando performers: Jonathan West and Jessica Sugiuchi. Painting by Jason Sugiuchi. Cartoon slides by Jessica Sugiuchi. Sound by Jonathan West. 


Intended for Adults

Approximately 10 minutes long

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