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Bad Monkey

Intended for Adults

Approximately 10 minutes long

        Organ Grinder & Monkey perform to amuse you. The monkey dances for you, but grows wary of being told what to do. He lashes out and decides to take this performance into his own paws. Inspired by performers like Laurel & Hardy, Lucile Ball and Charlie Chaplin, this show has no dialogue. The entire story is conveyed through motion. This show is performed with a hand puppet and the show's prerecorded music comes from the organ prop. Performances of this show have been seen at the Avalon Galley Theater as part of the Puppet, Muppet, & Marionette Puppet Slam, at Pinocchio’s Marionette theater during their Late night Puppet Slam, and the Central Florida Puppet Guild's Sunday Night Puppet Slam at Taste Resterant.

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