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High Tea with Lady Poopington

Intended for Adults

Approximately 5-10 minutes long

                  This is the story of two kitty siblings who don’t quite get along. Lady Poopington is a little girl who wants to have a fancy tea party. Her brother, Big Poopy, wants to play too. The only trouble is that she thinks he is a gross, smelly boy and dosen’t want to play with him.  I think anyone with siblings will have a special place in their hearts for sibling rivalry, and this show. This show is performed with live dialoge. Performed at Stardust Coffee as part of the Action Force Puppet Slam and at DragonCon 2012 as part of their late night puppet slam. (The DragonCon 2012 slam was guesstimated to be the largest puppet slam ever with around one thousand people in attendance.)

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